Boosh Food Company

Boosh Food Company is owned and operated by Connie Marples who is both a client and friend of Everything Financial.  She has recently launched her website at where you can order frozen meals delivered to your home.


About Boosh Foods:

There is no better gift than a lovingly-made meal.

Whether you’re stuck in meetings all day, bussing the kids from soccer to science camp, or a new mom trying not to sleep standing up, a meal made with whole foods packed with nutrition is a gift you and your body will love you for. Boosh knows that not having time to eat a well-made meal isn’t the same as not wanting fresh abundant dishes to eat.

So our vision is simple: we want to make the world happy, energized, and healthy.

Our trained chefs design tasty and flexible meals using whole foods and fresh ingredients that can...

Every morning at 6:45 am Peter can be heard on TSN 1040 with Bro Jake and Dave Pratt during his segment called “Business Update with Peter Cishecki”.  Peter covers various business topics including issues that arise from his day to day interaction with new and existing clients.  As an added feature Peter will be addressing questions from listeners on the Friday show that are emailed to him at

We are currently working on our website for the Everything Financial Annual Charity Golf Tournament which will be accessible through our EFG website and at The website will allow those wanting to attend as well as sponsors and donators to sign up and pay directly through the site using PayPal.  We will be sending out an email notification once everything is up and running.

2018 Income Tax Season


This year we are once again teaming up with Duffin Martin Tax & Accounting to handle our clients Income Tax Filings.  If you would like more information on The Duffin Martin Team please visit their website at


TFSA Limits

TFSAs are an excellent way to deflect tax. The annual maximum contribution to a TFSA was $5,000 from 2009 – 2012 and increased to $10,000 for 2015; $5,500 for 2016 and beyond. The contribution room by 2017 is, therefore, $52,000 per person (over age 18). There is no maximum age restriction and no “use it or lose it” consideration.

Money can be withdrawn at any time – and as it is “Tax Free” there are no tax considerations. The money can be “re-deposited” at a future time, though attention must be given to timing as it must be in a later calendar year. For example, $8,000 withdrawn in January 2015 can be replaced (without changing contribution room), but you must wait until 2016 to make the repayment. TFSAs, therefore, can function as an Emergency Fund – an important asset in your financial planning toolbox.


Everything Financial would like to welcome our newest members of the Everything Financial Team.  Tami Romanchuk will be joining us as a Financial Advisor working out of our Victoria office and Ona Manning will be mentoring under Peter as an Associate Advisor at our Surrey location.


Tami - Tami has been developing her extensive career in the financial services industry since 2003. She has taken on a variety of roles including associate, advisor and insurance sales director at the corporate level. These experiences have helped Tami discover her passion: helping clients minimize the overwhelming feelings associated with financial planning and risk management. She became Owner of Shoreline Financial & Insurance Services Ltd. in 2017, a company originally established in 1979.
Tami acts as an educator for clients who are looking for assistance with making informed decisions based on their needs and goals. She does her best work...


This year was the first year that Everything Financial has been involved in the Guildford Toy Mountain Toy Drive. This year's Toy Mountain campaign collected more than 13,000 toys and nearly $63,000 in donations for Lower Mainland families in need. Everything Financial was able to donate almost $5000 in toys to this great cause! Helping others and giving back to the community is important to all of us at Everything Financial and we look forward to being involved again next year.

More new mortgage rules come into effect January 1, which will make it trickier to negotiate a mortgage for many Canadians. But with a little expert advice, I can help ensure you have a happy new year that keeps you on the path to prosperity for the coming year and beyond

  1. That “best” 5-year rate? It probably isn’t. Fact is, a “best rate quote” is now meaningless because mortgage pricing is now based on multiple factors. Everything depends on your personal situation. That’s why I start with an in-depth assessment, and then review a broad range of lenders and products for the best fit for you.
  2. Going variable and long may pay off. If you have over 20% equity, you may want to consider a 30-year amortization mortgage. Benefits can be significant and outweigh any rate premium –...

The Start:
In the 1990s, Peter worked for a “big insurance” company, designing financial plans for clients before financial planning was a buzz word. But, at the height of his career making good money, he decided to pack it in to start his own business.
His mission was to build long-term financial plans to meet client goals – something he didn’t feel he could fulfill under the umbrella of a big financial services firm. In 1996, he started his own company which has since grown through referrals and some smart business moves.

The Challenge:
Peter wanted to spend more time with his clients creating custom financial plans. If he could save time on the portfolio management and administrative side of the business, Peter and his business partner knew that further growth would be achievable.
In 2014, they made...

Passive investors don't recognize they are actually making active management decisions without understanding what they own.

David Trainer | Jul 11, 2017

Back in December 2013, we put “passive investors” in the Danger Zone for not recognizing that they are actually making active management decisions while skipping out on the due diligence of knowing what they own. We showed how it is practically impossible to make a “passive” choice given the sheer number of index fund options in almost every market segment. Moreover, there are wide holdings differences between funds that, according to their names, appear to be tracking the same thing. Judging by the continued flow of assets into passive index funds and ETFs, investors remain unfazed by these concerns.

Fund Flows...