Wealth Bar – New Portfolio Option

We are super excited to be able to offer this new portfolio option for our clients who are just starting out with investing or who currently have an investment balance of less than $40,000.  Wealth Bar provides opportunities that until recently, were not available to investors with less than $40,000.  Combining this convenient platform with our Omni Formula and financial advisor services, you are able to benefit from:


  • Professionally Managed Investment Portfolios made up of efficient ETFs and discretionary private pools from Nicola Wealth Management. 

  • Fees up to 60% lower than the average cost for mutual funds.

  • Convenience.  24/7 online access through an app or online client portal, manage your transfers, deposits, and withdrawals online.  

  • Peace of mind. Funds managed by WealthBar are in accounts protected by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF).

Wealth Bar’s Philosophy

Diversification + cash flow = better returns.

They take a low-risk, long-term approach to investing. Managing volatility and focusing on cashflow to help you get to a comfortable retirement.

Broad diversification

By spreading your money across more investments, you’ll take advantage of more opportunities. And, when the market drops (and it will sometimes over the long term), your money is better protected.

Cash flow generating investments

A consistent stream of cash flows means you can enjoy the steady returns and income without having to worry a lot about the ups and downs of the value of your portfolio.

It’s the millionaire’s retirement strategy that they put to work for every Canadian.

***If you think you would like to start investing or we have recommended Wealth Bar as part of your Omni Formula Financial Plan, we can help you get started!