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Everything Financial Charity Golf Tournament: Alina

Five-year-old Alina has been battling a brain tumour her whole life. At only 18 months old, doctors diagnosed the tumour and Alina underwent two brain surgeries to try to remove the cancer. While the surgery helped save her life, doctors were only able to remove half the tumour, and the procedure left her completely blind. Despite the new disability, her parents say the tumour would have killed her within months without the operation.

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Parker Kump
Client Appreciation Party 2018

Our Client Appreciation Party was a hit! We hope our Everything Financial family had as much fun as we did hosting this amazing event. 

We look forward to seeing all of you, and many more, at our annual Client Appreciation Party next year!

Here are some of our favourite moments from this year's event.

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What is the Qualifying Rate?

You’re probably aware that there have been many mortgage rule changes over the last several years, and you’re almost certainly affected whether you’re an existing homeowner or first-time buyer. These rules are designed to ensure a stable long-term housing market, and to make sure Canadians can handle their debt should rates begin to rise.

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No Bank of Canada Rate Change

The Bank of Canada announced today that it is holding the overnight rate steady, again citing escalating geopolitical and trade conflict risks, which are undermining the global expansion. The Bank also noted that in Canada, the response to the strict qualifying guidelines that went into effect January 1 slowed first quarter growth. The next rate-setting day is Wednesday, May 30.

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