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Banking Products

working closely with Manulife Bank to provide high-interest rates on every dollar, no monthly maintenance fees, no minimum deposit, and easy access to your money. 


Banking Products

Everything Financial works closely with Manulife Bank to offer you high interest savings account options to maximize your savings as part of your Omni Formula.

Manulife Advantage Account:

The Manulife Bank Advantage Account is a high interest bank account for your personal savings.  It offers convenient chequing account features including online and telephone banking, bill payments, ABM banking and free cheque writing debit card purchases. When your account balance is over $5000, your unlimited everyday banking is free.

Manulife Business Advantage Account:

The Manulife Bank Business Advantage Account allows business owners to put their excess cash to work.  It is a high interest investment account with no monthly account maintenance fees and no minimum deposit required.  The Business Advantage Account is designed to complement a traditional operating account by allowing you to transfer excess cash online or by telephone to ensure that you earn a high rate of  interest on every dollar.  You can easily access the money at any time by using online or telephone transfers, writing cheques or making online bill payments.  A Business Advantage Account simplifies your cash flow planning and maximizes your savings.

All Manulife Bank Advantage Accounts offer:

  • High interest rate paid on every dollar in the account
  • No monthly account maintenance fees
  • No minimum deposit
  • Easy access to your money

If you would like more information on Manulife high interest savings accounts, please visit Manulife Bank at Manulifebank.ca.