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Investing and Wealth Management

EFG provides hands-on wealth management as well will help build your investment portfolio. 


Investing and Wealth Management

Everything Financial has a relationship with a number of Wealth Management Companies that oversee and design our clients’ investment portfolios. Each Management Company has a particular expertise which meets the needs of a specific investor. The sole responsibility of the Management Company is to work with Everything Financial to create the best investment portfolio which will result in maximum growth of our clients’ money. Each Welath Management Company has been hand selected and vetted to ensure they meet the expectations and standards that Everything Financial upholds. Having a company whose sole responsibility is to manage our clients’ investments and maximize their returns on our behalf, allows our Everything Financial Advisors to use the Omni Formula to create a Full Financial Plan to achieve financial independence and security.



Provisus offers high net worth individuals integrated wealth management and leading edge investment strategies across their entire household that until now were only available to multi-million dollar institutional investors. At Provisus Wealth Management our objective is to fundamentally change the way investment management solutions are delivered and with the launch of Transcend, one of Canada’s first Unified Managed Household (UMH) programs, Provisus delivers an innovative and efficient way to provide the greatest possible value to our clients. The Transcend UMH Program is a fee based investment solution that combines multiple unaffiliated products into a single investment portfolio. A UMH can combine the benefits of Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs), Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Pooled Funds and other suitable investments. The ability to monitor all client assets facilitates higher risk adjusted returns and better tax management.


Dixon Mitchell

Dixon Mitchell’s overriding objective is to build, preserve, and protect the financial assets of our clients in a prudent and tax-efficient manner, while taking into consideration any income requirements they may have. To achieve this end, we design, communicate, and execute investment management programs tailored to meet the unique financial goals of each client. In our institutional practice, we also offer in-house expertise in the areas of investment policy creation and strategy development.


Connor, Clark & Lunn

Connor, Clark & Lunn Private Capital Ltd (CC&L Private Capital) is part of the Connor, Clark & Lunn Financial Group, a multi-boutique asset management firm responsible for the investment of over $72 billion in assets through its affiliated investment teams. CC&L Private Capital has made a tradition of earning the trust and building the wealth of high net worth individuals, foundations and endowments, First Nations and trusts and the advisors that serve them. By getting to know you and listening carefully to your specific needs, their team of experienced and committed investment professionals apply sound methodology to create an appropriate and tax efficient investment solution to help you achieve your desired financial outcome. For more information on their unique platform of traditional and alternative investments, please visit their website.


Cardinal Capital

Cardinal Capital has helped its clients protect and grow their wealth since 1992. Cardinal’s investment professionals manage over $1.5 billion, guided by the time-tested rules of investing that founder Tim Burt has honed over his long, distinguished career.
For individuals and families who meet our minimum portfolio requirements, it is easy to become a Cardinal client. We will walk you through the initial account opening process and we will work with you and your advisor to set up your initial Investment Policy Statement, which will guide the investment decisions for your portfolio. We communicate frequently and deliver thoughtful, well-researched information to help you follow your investment performance.



Our newest partnership allows us to provide an option for out clients that are just starting out. With Wealthbar, our clients will be able to start investing their first dollar. Besides offering a full portfolio management service with minimal investment Wealthbar’s philosophy also aligns with ours. They take a low-risk, long-term approach to investing. Managing volatility and focusing on cash flow to help you get to a comfortable retirement. Wealthbar also provides broad diversification by spreading your money across more investments, you’ll take advantage of more opportunities. And, when the market drops (and it will sometimes over the long term), your money is better protected.