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Wills and Estates

Planning a Will is a very crucial but neglected part of estate planning. We offer hands-on Will and Estate planning services to maximize clients rewards. 


Wills and Estates

A will is the most critical, but often neglected part of a sound estate plan. Anyone who owns assets or has a spouse or young children should have a will. Surprisingly, many people don’t realize the rewards from preparing a will and how tremendously valuable they are. Making a will is an important part of planning for your family’s future and the few hours that you spend with a lawyer planning your estate could save your spouse, children, and other beneficiaries much time, effort, and money. If you die without a will, your property will be divided according to B.C. law, and the costs to administer your estate will increase. You will also be giving up the right to appoint the guardian of your choice for any children in your care. Making a will involves much more than just signing a document. It involves reviewing your potential estate and planning to minimize tax costs and the costs to probate and administer your estate. We will work with you and your lawyer or notary to ensure that you are using legal ways to avoid paying substantial probate costs, administration costs, Public Guardian and Trustee expenses, and income taxes to ensure that your loved ones will be looked after.

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BTM Lawyers

Our legal team has experience with estate planning, estate administration, and estate litigation. We can work with you to develop sound strategies for tax planning, health care decisions, trusts, and bequests, to make sure your final wishes are carried out and your assets are passed on to those you care for in the most efficient manner possible. We also represent clients in wills variation and intestacy claims, through negotiation, mediation, and trial.

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Bart Aldrich Notary Corporation

When you’re looking for a Coquitlam, BC, estate planning professional to help you with your property and belongings, consider the team at Bart Aldrich Notary Corporation. With our experience in the field, we can offer you services including planning wills, representation agreements, advanced directives, and deed of gifts. With our convenient location and free parking, we want it to be easy to visit our office. We have flexible hours throughout the week and offer weekend appointments. We’re dedicated to client satisfaction with all aspects of our work, so you can count on us to keep your best interests in mind. We’ll help you make decisions that could impact the future of your family. When you choose to use our services, we want you to trust us to provide:

  • Attention to detail
  • Quick response times
  • Help from knowledgeable staff

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