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Impact of COVID-19 on Canadian Finances

Have you been laid off amidst the Coronavirus pandemic? If so, you may be wondering how you are going to make ends meet. In this ...

Financial Equality and Bridging the Gender Gap

On your own or in a partnership, are you as informed about your finances as you need to be? Most people aren't as financially savvy ...

How the Coronavirus Impacts Your Investments

Are you worried about how the Coronavirus could impact your investments? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. The Coronavirus, and its’ impact ...

How to Improve Your Credit Score

When was the last time you checked your credit score? Whether you're making a big purchase or applying for a credit card, a low credit ...

Explaining the 2020 BC Budget

Did you know that budget changes take place in British Columbia annually? The BC Budget 2020 introduced a new tax bracket for top income earners along ...

How to Maximize Your RRSP Investments

Buying RRSPs can often lower your tax bracket but when should you not buy RRSPs? In this video, Peter Cishecki discusses the importance of keeping ...

Relationships and Money

Do you and your partner agree when it comes to money? Most couples disagree about money at some point in their lives. In this video, ...

Money and Stressful Situations

Sometimes unfortunate events occur and lead to be a source of financial strain. In this video, Peter Cishecki discusses how you can prepare for unforeseen ...

When Should You Buy a RRSP?

Do you know what a RRSP is? It’s becoming more common for people to buy RRSPs but not everyone has the essential information that ...

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It is never easy to manage all the details when a loved one passes, no matter how prepared you think you are, somehow there is always unexpected. I am so grateful that the Omni Estate Program was suggested to me when I became the POA for my father and knew I would ultimately be his executor. When my father passed, it took just one email to Everything Financial Group to relieve me of all the pressure and stress. The phone call I received in response assured me that all the financial details of my father's estate would be looked after. I was provided with a list of the few things that I needed to do, and the Omni Estate Program looked after the rest. The staff of Everything Financial Group couldn't have been more helpful and supportive. They guided me through the few steps that required my involvement and worked with the Omni Estate Program to take care of the rest. From what I learned and observed through this process, I envision that the Omni Estate Program saved me many hours of stressful uncertainty with documents, issues, and agencies that are totally foreign to me. I highly recommend the Omni Estate Program as managed by Everything Financial Group.  
Barbara M Delta, BC
Peter, Christine, and Everything Financial Staff, Words cannot express how grateful we are for the generous gift that you gave Carly and Adelyn. To be included as one of the families benefiting from your generosity is an honor that we will forever cherish. You are beautiful people! People like you make such a difference in our world! You are truly inspiring! we will always remember your support and help! We look forward to participating in the Everything Financial Annual Charity Golf Tournament and giving back! With heartfelt and gratitude,  
Sandra and Darcy Malchuk Langley, BC
“The North Delta Minor Hockey Association would like to extend a warm thank-you for your generous donation of two Canucks tickets towards our raffle at the H2-4 Christmas tournament. Thank you for your support and assisting us in making our tournament a great success.”
Tracey North Delta
“My husband passed away unexpectedly and “ Peter Cishecki “ and his competent team ( Shannon and Jenny) have been unbelievable. Peter, has taken care of my financial planning needs. With Peter by my side, with guidance , planning, care and “ family” support , this very difficult time in my life has been made so much easier. I truly appreciate the support from Peter and his team at the Surrey office. Thank you Everything Financial.”
Darcee New Westminster, BC
“I have recently and unexpectedly retired long before I anticipated. This welcome situation has been orchestrated by Peter Cishecki and his competent staff. I am delighted to have time now to enjoy my new passion, golf! Thank you!”
Faye White Rock, BC
“Peter Cishecki has taken care of our family’s financial planning needs for nearly 10 years. He was referred to us by a friend and we have since referred him to other family members and friends. We have gained knowledge and net worth under his guidance and are appreciative of his continued support towards our financial goals. Thank you Peter and Everything Financial.”
Tanya Calgary, AB