OMNI Formula

As Financial advisors we help select individuals achieve their financial goals and obtain a work optional lifestyle using our proprietary owned Omni Formula. The process of our Omni Formula is much like using the GPS in your car. With our Guidance system, we will help you set the target for your financial goals, by constructing a path to your ultimate destination. Throughout your journey, your unique plan is adjusted once a year to assess growth and Performance. Much like the GPS in your car, our Omni Formula is flexible to adapt to any and all detours on the road to your Financial destination

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  • Introduction
  • Your Current
  • Ideal
  • Road Map
    to Success
  • Performance
  • Final


We begin with an Introduction meeting to meet you and learn about and where you are in life. Follow up meetings will be arranged as we gather all the information we can about you so that we have an accurate starting point for the creation your personal Financial Plan.

We will gather a complete list of your assets and liabilities as well the details your monthly cash flow. Just like the GPS in your car, you need a specific starting point and a destination in order to determine the details of how you will get there.

Your Current Journey

From the accurate information you provide us in the “Our Process” section, we will be able to give you a clear picture of the journey you are currently on. We will be able to let you know what goals you will be able to reach on the way to your ideal destination and which goals you may need to reroute in order to get there.

Ideal Destination

Once we establish your starting point you can decide what your ideal journey will be; where do you want to go on this journey and when do want to get there. Retirement is the most likely the ideal destination, but the journey is about all the things you want to do along the way. This could include family vacations, a special purchase, paying off debts or just improving your current quality of life.

Whatever your ideal destination is we will let you know what it will take to reach it while providing opportunities for all the things you want along the way.

Road Map to Success

Just like the GPS in your car we will provide you with different options to reach that ideal destination while helping you decide which one will work the best for you.

The map can have many turns along the way and our job is to keep on the right road to reach your ideal destination on time.

Performance Review

Once a year we will review your plan and see if you want to make any changes in your destination; have you made a detour along the way and do we need to get you back on track?
We track the progress you have made to keep you on the right path.

Final Destination

Your destination, whatever it may be, will be clearly defined through our Omni Formula Process. The Final Destination may change over the course of time, but through our process we will be able to change with you, no matter what the detour is.

If the detour life deals you is something you just can’t overcome, we can make sure your dream can be passed on to whomever you wish so that your legacy will continue.

No Matter what your first step is we will help you take it.

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